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Macklin Celebrini Profile

Macklin Celebrini
Ht/Wt: 5'11"/181 lbs
Position: C
Team: Chicago (USHL)

Macklin Celebrini's Player Profile

Scott Wheeler - The Athletic - August 14th: "He plays with confidence and presence that is rare in a player his age, consistently looking to attack and dictate with the puck. Hes also an intelligent off-puck player who understands timing, routes and how to get open and make himself available without the puck in his hands. Hes a plus-level skater."

Peter Baracchini - The Hockey Writers - July 20th: "From his soft hands and dangles to his pin-point accurate release of a shot, Celebrini is truly a dynamic force whenever hes on the ice. He is a remarkable talent as he plays with great poise and displaying great IQ with his positioning and decision making."

Jason Bukala - Sportsnet - July 6th: "Elite offensive talent who plays a quick and fast game. Hes a threat off the rush and makes plays in tight space. Hes a creative thinker who has an elusive release. A difference maker whos a massive threat on the power play."

Corey Pronman - The Athletic - July 5th: "Celebrini is a dangerous passer and goal scorer who gives a strong effort away from the puck as well. Hes the complete package, and the very way-too-early indicators are that hes a potential star No. 1 two-way center in the NHL."

Steven Ellis - Daily Faceoff - July 3rd: "Dynamic. Dangerous. Deceptive. Take your buzzword of choice. Hes not Connor Bedard, but Celebrini is one hell of a prize for whoever snags the first overall pick."

Chris Peters - Flo Hockey - June 30th: "He was hard to knock off pucks and engaged physically to challenge opposing defenders. He has a high-end release on his shot, but also can get in tight to the net and make plays on the interior."

Macklin Celebrini's Stats

Macklin Celebrini Videos

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