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2018 NHL Draft Lottery Odds

The 2018 NHL draft lottery drawing will be held on Saturday April 29th.

There will be three draws this year -the first overall pick, then a draw for the 2nd overall, then one for the third overall pick.

After the drawing for the top three slots, the remaining four through 15 will go in inverse order of their regular season points.

Below are the odds to win the 2017 draft lottery and to select in the top three.

Odds to the win the 2018 NHL draft lottery
RK TEAM Odds to Pick
1st Overall
Odds to
Pick in Top 3
1 Buffalo Sabres 18.50% 49.4%
2 Ottawa Senators * 13.50% 38.8%
3 Arizona Coyotes 11.50% 33.9%
4 Montreal Canadiens 9.50% 28.8%
5 Detroit Red Wings 8.50% 26.1%
6 Vancouver Canucks 7.50% 23.3%
7 Chicago Blackhawks 6.50% 20.4%
8 New York Rangers 6% 19.0%
9 Edmonton Oilers 5% 16.0%
10 New York Islanders 3.50% 11.4%
11 Carolina Hurricanes 3% 9.8%
12 NY Islanders (from Calgary) 2.50% 8.2%
13 Dallas Stars 2% 6.6%
14 St. Louis Blues ** 1.50% 5.0%
15 Florida Panthers 1% 3.3%
* The Ottawa Senators owe the Colorado Avalanche a first-round pick for the Matt Duchene trade. This year's pick is top 10 protected but they have the option to send it to Colorado if they so choose.

** The St. Louis Blues owe the Philadelphia Flyers a first-round pick. This year's pick is top 10 protected and the Blues don't have the option to send it Flyers if it's in the top 10.

Micah Blake McCury (twitter) - "Now that this year's lottery probabilities are finally available (TSN … thanks to @frank_seravalli for the link) I've worked out the chances for every pick for every finishing spot" image