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2019 NHL Draft Rankings

Here is our next installment updating the top 2019 NHL draft rankings from some of the best scouting services and media outlets out there.

Throughout the year we will continue to update our 2019 NHL draft rankings page

We've updated our list from newest to oldest.

We'll be adding to our list as the season progresses as other sites publish their lists.

2019 NHL Draft Prospect Rankings
  Prospect Pipeline
Feb. 6th
NA Central

Feb. 4th
Ryan Kennedy
The Hockey

Feb. 1st
Cam Robinson
Dobber Prospects

Jan. 31st
1 Jack Hughes Jack Hughes Jack Hughes Jack Hughes
2 Kaapo Kakko Kaapo Kakko Kaapo Kakko Kaapo Kakko
3 Dylan Cozens Dylan Cozens Dylan Cozens Dylan Cozens
4 Kirby Dach Alex Turcotte Kirby Dach Vasili Podkolzin
5 Bowen Byram Philip Broberg Vasili Podkolzin Alex Turcotte
6 Philip Broberg Kirby Dach Bowen Byram Bowen Byram
7 Arthur Kaliyev Trevor Zegras Alex Turcotte Trevor Zegras
8 Vasili Podkolzin Bowen Byram Trevor Zegras Peyton Krebs
9 Alex Newhook Vasili Podkolzin Philip Broberg Matthew Boldy
10 Peyton Krebs Matthew Boldy Thomas Harley Kirby Dach
11 Jakob Pelletier Nicholas Robertson Matthew Boldy Victor Soderstrom
12 Trevor Zegras Peyton Krebs Raphael Lavoie Cam York
13 Alex Turcotte Arthur Kaliyev Peyton Krebs Philip Broberg
14 Tobias Bjornfot Matthew Robertson Arthur Kaliyev Cole Caufield
15 Victor Soderstrom Thomas Harley Cam York Bobby Brink
16 Cam York Cole Caufield Alex Newhook Spencer Knight
17 Bobby Brink Alex Newhook Ryan Suzuki Mortiz Seider
18 Anttoni Honka Nolan Foote Anttoni Honka Alex Newhook
19 Nils Hoglander Connor McMichael Alex Vlasic Phillip Pomasino
20 Albin Grewe Moritz Seider Jakob Pelletier Ville Henola
21 Thomas Harley Spencer Knight Spencer Knight Jakob Pelletier
22 Connor McMichael Cam York Moritz Seider Ryan Suzuki
23 Ryan Suzuki Raphael Lavoie Victor Soderstrom Thomas Harley
24 Matthew Boldy Anttoni Honka Nils Hoglander Nils Hoglander
25 Raphael Lavoie Ryan Suzuki Matthew Robertson Arthur Kaliyev
26 Cole Caufield Mikko Kokkonen Brett Leason Matthew Robertson
27 Matthew Robertson Brett Leason Bobby Brink Connor McMichael
28 Vladislav Kolyachonok Philip Tomasino Ryan Johnson Albin Grewe
29 Brett Leason Tobias Bjornfot Nicholas Robertson Raphael Lavoie
30 Yegor Afanasyev John Beecher Cole Caufield Mikko Kokkonen
31 Pavel Dorofeyev Victor Soderstrom Egor Afanasyev Lassi Thomson

2019 NHL Draft Prospect Rankings
  Draft Buzz

Jan. 31st
Corey Pronman
The Athletic

Jan. 29th
McKeens Hockey
Jan. 28th
Hockey Prospect
Jan. 23rd
1 Kaapo Kakko Jack Hughes Jack Hughes Jack Hughes
2 Jack Hughes Kaapo Kakko Kaapo Kakko Kaapo Kakko
3 Dylan Cozens Dylan Cozens Vasili Podkolzin Vasili Podkolzin
4 Vasili Podkolzin Kirby Dach Dylan Cozens Alex Turcotte
5 Bowen Byram Vasili Podkolzin Kirby Dach Matthew Boldy
6 Alex Turcotte Trevor Zegras Bowen Byram Trevor Zegras
7 Peyton Krebs Matthew Boldy Philip Broberg Peyton Krebs
8 Kirby Dach Bowen Byram Peyton Krebs Kirby Dach
9 Matthew Boldy Alex Newhook Victor Soderstrom Dylan Cozens
10 Trevor Zegras Alex Turcotte Trevor Zegras Spencer Knight
11 Spencer Knight Philip Broberg Matthew Boldy Bowen Byram
12 Victor Soderstrom Peyton Krebs Cam York Moritz Seider
13 Cole Caufield Nicholas Robertson Alex Turcotte Victor Soderstrom
14 Nils Hoglander Ryan Suzuki Raphael Lavoie Philip Broberg
15 Cam York Philip Tomasino Alex Newhook Bobby Brink
16 Alex Newhook Nils Hoglander Cole Caufield Alex Newhook
17 Philip Broberg Thomas Harley Arthur Kaliyev Ville Heinola
18 Moritz Seider Raphael Lavoie Matthew Robertson Ilya Nikolaev
19 Raphael Lavoie Cole Caufield Tobias Bjornfot Pavel Dorofeyev
20 Bobby Brink Victor Soderstrom Jakob Pelletier Cam York
21 Matthew Robertson Nathan Legare Ryan Suzuki Ryan Johnson
22 Ryan Suzuki Brett Leason Connor McMichael Ryan Suzuki
23 Ilya Nikolayev Daniil Gutik Philip Tomasino Connor McMichael
24 Graeme Clarke Moritz Seider Brett Leason Matthew Robertson
25 Pavel Dorofeyev Arthur Kaliyev Ville Heinola Hunter Jones
26 Connor McMichael Pavel Dorofeyev Spencer Knight Jakob Pelletier
27 Ryan Johnson   Marshall Warren Simon Holmstrom
28 Arthur Kaliyev   Nolan Foote Raphael Lavoie
29 Lassi Thomson   Moritz Seider Lassi Thomson
30 Brett Leason   Pavel Dorofeyev Cole Caufield
31 Alex Vlasic   Robert Mastrosimone Rhett Pitlick

2019 NHL Draft Prospect Rankings
  NA Skaters
Jan. 21st

Jan. 21st
Larry Fisher - THW
Jan. 14th
Future Considerations
Jan. 11th
1 Jack Hughes Kaapo Kakko Jack Hughes Jack Hughes
2 Kirby Dach Vasili Podkolzin Kakko Kaapo Kaapo Kakko
3 Dylan Cozens Philip Broberg Vasili Podkolzin Vasili Podkolzin
4 Bowen Byram Ilya Nikolaev Bowen Byram Kirby Dach
5 Alex Turcotte Victor Soderstrom Philip Broberg Dylan Cozens
6 Matthew Boldy Moritz Seider Trevor Zegras Bowen Byram
7 Trevor Zegras Ville Heinola Dylan Cozens Matthew Boldy
8 Peyton Krebs Tobias Bjornfot Kirby Dach Peyton Krebs
9 Thomas Harley Mikko Kokkonen Peyton Krebs Alex Turcotte
10 Ryan Suzuki Nils Hoglander Alex Turcotte Trevor Zegras
11 Arthur Kaliyev Danil Misyul Matthew Boldy Raphael Lavoie
12 Cam York Daniil Gutik Ryan Suzuki Ryan Suzuki
13 Raphael Lavoie Albin Grewe Alex Newhook Victor Soderstrom
14 Lassi Thomson Michal Teply Cam York Cam York
15 Cole Caufield Antti Tuomisto Ville Heinola Matthew Robertson
16 Alex Newhook Alexander Darin Victor Soderstrom Cole Caufield
17 Brett Leason Simon Lundmark Cole Caufield Moritz Seider
18 Matthew Robertson Pavel Dorofeyev Connor McMichael Philip Broberg
19 Egor Afanasyev Anttoni Honka Arthur Kaliyev Alex Newhook
20 Jakob Pelletier Kirill Slepets Pavel Dorofeyev Jakob Pelletier
21 Vladislav Firstov Henri Nikkanen Moritz Seider Connor McMichael
22 Vladislav Kolyachonok Ludvig Hedstrom Mikko Kokkonen Samuel Poulin
23 Jamieson Rees Antti Saarela Anttoni Honka Bobby Brink
24 Philip Tomasino Karl Henriksson Bobby Brink John Beecher
25 Alex Vlasic Samuel Fagemo Jakob Pelletier Pavel Holmstrom
26 Nolan Foote Simon Holmstrom Raphael Lavoie Simon Holmstrom
27 Samuel Poulin Yegor Chinakhov Nathan Lagare Phillip Tomasino
28 Connor McMichael Patrik Puistola Nolan Foote Arthur Kaliyev
29 Bobby Brink Semyon Chistyakov Lassi Thomson Nils Hoglander
30 Nicholas Robertson Leevi Aaltonen Kaedan Korczak Alex Vlasic
31 Kaedan Korczak Juuso Parssinen Matthew Robertson Kaedan Korczak

2019 NHL Draft Prospect Rankings
  Sam Cosentino

Jan. 9th
Hannah Stuart

Jan. 9th
Craig Button - TSN
Jan. 7th
Hannah Stuart

Jan. 7th
1 Jack Hughes Jack Hughes Jack Hughes Jack Hughes
2 Kaapo Kakko Kaapo Kakko Kakko Kaapo Kaapo Kakko
3 Vasili Podkolzin Kirby Dach Vasili Podkolzin Dylan Cozens
4 Dylan Cozens Vasili Podkolzin Dylan Cozens Kirby Dach
5 Matthew Boldy Dylan Cozens Philip Broberg Bowen Byram
6 Kirby Dach Bowen Byram Trevor Zegras Peyton Krebs
7 Peyton Krebs Matthew Boldy Matthew Boldy Ryan Suzuki
8 Bowen Byram Trevor Zegras Kirby Dach Arthur Kaliyev
9 Alex Turcotte Alex Newhook Arthur Kaliyev Raphael Lavoie
10 Raphael Lavoie Philip Broberg Bowen Byram Matthew Boldy
11 Arthur Kaliyev Peyton Krebs Jakob Pelletier Vasili Podkolzin
12 Cam York Ryan Suzuki Ilya Nikolaev Jakob Pelletier
13 Spencer Knight Cole Caufield Cole Caufield Cole Caufield
14 Trevor Zegras Alex Turcotte Raphael Lavoie Cam York
15 Cole Caufield Cam York Spencer Knight Alex Newhook
16 Philip Broberg Raphael Lavoie Thomas Harley Nicholas Robertson
17 Alex Newhook Victor Soderstrom Peyton Krebs Alex Turcotte
18 Jakob Pelletier Matthew Robertson Cam York Anttoni Honka
19 Brett Leason Arthur Kaliyev Victor Soderstrom Trevor Zegras
20 Ryan Suzuki Connor McMichael Matthew Robertson Nolan Foote
21 Thomas Harley Nolan Foote Brett Leason Thomas Harley
22 Victor Soderstrom Anttoni Honka Tobias Bjornfot Mikko Kokkonen
23 Ville Heinola Jakob Pelletier Ville Heinola Matthew Robertson
24 Nolan Foote Maxim Cajkovic Albin Grewe Victor Soderstrom
25 Vladislav Kolyachonok John Beecher Alex Newhook Samuel Poulin
26 Pavel Dorofeyev Moritz Seider Bobby Brink Albin Grewe
27 Alex Vlasic Robert Mastrosimone Egor Afanasyev Connor McMichael
28 Matthew Robertson Samuel Poulin Alex Turcotte Nathan Legare
29 Moritz Seider Bobby Brink Ryan Suzuki Moritz Seider
30 Philip Tomasino Mikko Kokkonen Moritz Seider Dillon Hamaliuk
31 Simon Holmstrom Albin Grewe Marshall Warren Simon Holmstrom

2019 NHL Draft Prospect Rankings
  Will Scouch
Jan. 7th
Jan. 2nd
The Draft Analyst
Dec. 26th
Scott Wheeler
The Athletic

Nov. 6th
1 Jack Hughes Jack Hughes Jack Hughes Jack Hughes
2 Kaapo Kakko Kaapo Kakko Vasili Podkolzin Kaapo Kakko
3 Kirby Dach Vasili Podkolzin Kaapo Kakko Matthew Boldy
4 Peyton Krebs Kirby Dach Trevor Zegras Kirby Dach
5 Dylan Cozens Dylan Cozens Bowen Byram Dylan Cozens
6 Bowen Byram Bowen Byram Alex Turcotte Peyton Krebs
7 Arthur Kaliyev Matthew Boldy Matthew Boldy Cam York
8 Bobby Brind Philip Broberg Dylan Cozens Ryan Suzuki
9 Matthew Boldy Ryan Suzuki Alex Newhook Trevor Zegras
10 Alex Turcotte Alex Newhook Peyton Krebs Bowen Byram
11 Trevor Zegras Trevor Zegras Kirby Dach Alex Turcotte
12 Nicholas Robertson Matthew Robertson Victor Soderstrom Anttoni Honka
13 Vasili Podkolzin Raphael Lavoie Raphael Lavoie Alex Newhook
14 Alex Newhook Victor Soderstrom Nils Hoglander Cole Caufield
15 Pavel Dorofeyev Alex Turcotte Ryan Suzuki Jakob Pelletier
16 Jakob Pelletier Cam York Anttoni Honka Raphael Lavoie
17 Ryan Suzuki Cole Caufield Moritz Seider Arthur Kaliyev
18 Philip Broberg Nolan Foote Matthew Robertson Vasili Podkolzin
19 Mikko Kokkonen Samuel Poulin Cam York Mikko Kokkonen
20 Lassi Thomson Ilya Nikolayev Cole Caufield Matthew Robertson
21 Raphael Lavoie Alex Vlasic Yegor Spiridonov Nils Hoglander
22 Billy Constantinou Kaedan Korczak Connor McMichael Pavel Dorofeyev
23 Nils Hoglander Peyton Krebs Pavel Dorofeyev Albin Grewe
24 Cam York Bobby Brink John Beecher Robert Mastrosimone
25 Anttoni Honka Moritz Seider Vojtech Strondala Philip Broberg
26 Albin Grewe Philip Tomasino Arthur Kaliyev Henry Thrun
27 Cole Caufield Tobias Bjornfot Billy Constantinou Nolan Foote
28 Victor Soderstrom Thomas Harley Philip Broberg Patrik Puistola
29 Ville Heinola Nicholas Robertson Michael Teply Maxim Cajkovic
30 Matthew Robertson Brett Leason Drew Helleson Victor Soderstrom
31 Kaedan Korczak Arthur Kaliyev Ryder Donovan Bobby Brink