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2016 NHL Draft Rankings

Throughout the year we will continue to update our 2016 NHL draft rankings page - bringing you NHL draft rankings from some of the best scouting services and media outlets out there.

We've updated our list from newest to oldest.

We'll be adding to our list as the season progresses and other sites publish their lists.

From the below rankings, we've also created a 2016 draft prospect consensus ranking - updated June 13th.
2016 NHL Draft Prospect Rankings
  TSN June 20th The Draft Analyst
June 12th
McKeen's Hockey
June 10th
NA Central
June 10th
1 Auston Matthews Auston Matthews Patrik Laine Auston Matthews
2 Patrik Laine Patrik Laine Auston Matthews Patrik Laine
3 Jesse Puljujarvi Jesse Puljujarvi Jesse Puljujarvi Jesse Puljujarvi
4 Matthew Tkachuk Jakob Chychrun Matthew Tkachuk Matthew Tkachuk
5 Pierre-Luc Dubois Matthew Tkachuk Olli Juolevi Clayton Keller
6 Olli Juolevi Pierre-Luc Dubois Alexander Nylander Mikhail Sergachev
7 Alexander Nylander Alexander Nylander Michael McLeod Pierre-Luc Dubois
8 Clayton Keller Clayton Keller Pierre-Luc Dubois Alexander Nylander
9 Mikhail Sergachev Olli Juolevi Logan Brown Jakob Chychrun
10 Logan Brown Mike McLeod Jake Bean Olli Juolevi
11 Tyson Jost Mikhail Sergachyov Clayton Keller Michael McLeod
12 Jake Bean Luke Kunin Charles McAvoy Jake Bean
13 Jakob Chychrun Tyson Jost Jakob Chychrun Max Jones
14 Charles McAvoy Julien Gauthier Mikhail Sergachev Dante Fabbro
15 Michael McLeod Kieffer Bellows Tyson Jost Logan Brown
16 Dante Fabbro Logan Brown Luke Kunin Julien Gauthier
17 Julien Gauthier German Rubtsov Max Jones Luke Kunin
18 Kieffer Bellows Dante Fabbro Dennis Cholowski Cliff Pu
19 Max Jones Pascal Labarge Kieffer Bellows Tyson Jost
20 Luke Kunin Will Bitten Julien Gauthier Logan Stanley
21 Riley Tufte Alex DeBrincat Riley Tufte German Rubtsov
22 Logan Stanley Max Jones German Rubtsov Nathan Bastian
23 German Robtsov Sam Steel Rasmus Asplund Boris Katchouk
24 Brett Howden Adam Mascherin Dante Fabbro Charles McAvoy
25 Dennis Cholowski Rasmus Asplund Tage Thompson Tage Thompson
26 Libor Hajek Vitalii Abramov Brett Howden William Bitten
27 Tage Thompson Adam Fox Adam Fox Kieffer Bellows
28 Lucas Johansen Charlie McAvoy Jordan Kyrou Dylan Dube
29 Boris Katchouk Tyler Benson Lucas Johansen Taylor Raddysh
30 Kale Clague Libor Hajek Pascal Laberge Libor Hajek

2016 NHL Draft Prospect Rankings
  Craig Button
June 8th
Hockey Prospect
June 7th
Future Considerations
June 4th
June 1st
1 Auston Matthews Auston Matthews Auston Matthews Auston Matthews
2 Patrik Laine Patrik Laine Patrik Laine Jesse Puljujarvi
3 Jesse Puljujarvi Jesse Puljujarvi Jesse Puljujarvi Patrik Laine
4 Pierre-Luc Dubois Pierre-Luc Dubois Pierre-Luc Dubois Matthew Tkachuk
5 Matthew Tkachuk Matthew Tkachuk Matthew Tkachuk Pierre-Luc Dubois
6 Clayton Keller Olli Juolevi Jakob Chychrun Alexander Nylander
7 Logan Brown Logan Brown Clayton Keller Logan Brown
8 Mikhail Sergachyov Mikhail Sergachyov Alexander Nylander Jakob Chychrun
9 Olli Juolevi Clayton Keller Mikhail Sergachyov Tyson Jost
10 Alexander Nylander Tyson Jost Tyson Jost Mikhail Sergachev
11 Tyson Jost Dante Fabbro Olli Juolevi Olli Juolevi
12 Jake Bean Alexander Nylander Logan Brown Clayton Keller
13 Kieffer Bellows Charles McAvoy Dante Fabbro Michael McLeod
14 German Rubtsov Jakob Chychrun Charlie McAvoy Max Jones
15 Charlie McAvoy Jake Bean Michael McLeod German Rubtsov
16 Dante Fabbro German Rubtsov Kieffer Bellows Jake Bean
17 Jakob Chychrun Luke Kunin German Rubtsov Kieffer Bellows
18 Brett Howden Kieffer Bellows Jake Bean Luke Kunin
19 Michael McLeod Michael McLeod Luke Kunin Dante Fabbro
20 Luke Kunin Max Jones Max Jones Brett Howden
21 Alex DeBrincat Rasmus Asplund Julien Gauthier Julien Gauthier
22 Cam Dineen Boris Katchouk Riley Tufte Riley Tufte
23 Vitali Abramov Riley Tufte Pascal Laberge Charles McAvoy
24 Carter Hart Jonathan Dahlen Vitali Abramov Tage Thompson
25 Dennis Cholowski Julien Gauthier Alex DeBrincat Logan Stanley
26 Will Bitten Dennis Cholowski Rasmus Asplund Alex Debrincat
27 Samuel Girard Brett Howden Samuel Girard Boris Katchouk
28 Dillon Dube Tage Thompson William Bitten Taylor Raddysh
29 Jordan Kyrou Vitaly Abramov Tyler Benson Jacob Moverare
30 Logan Stanley Logan Stanley Tage Thompson Pascal Laberge

2016 NHL Draft Prospect Rankings
  The Hockey
News - Guide
DraftBuzz Hockey
Damien Cox
May 20th
Hockey Prospectus
May 18th
1 Auston Matthews Auston Matthews Auston Matthews Auston Matthews
2 Patrik Laine Patrik Laine Patrik Laine Patrik Laine
3 Jesse Puljujarvi Jesse Puljujarvi Jesse Puljujarvi Jesse Puljujarvi
4 Matthew Tkachuk Pierre-Luc Dubois Matthew Tkachuk Jakob Chychrun
5 Pierre-Luc Dubois Matthew Tkachuk Pierre-Luc Dubois Alexander Nylander
6 Olli Juolevi Mikhail Sergachev Olli Juolevi Matthew Tkachuk
7 Alexander Nylander Alexander Nylander Tyson Jost Olli Juolevi
8 Mikhail Sergachev Clayton Keller Logan Brown Clayton Keller
9 Jacob Chychrun Luke Kunin Alexander Nylander Michael McLeod
10 Mike McLeod Tyson Jost Mikhail Sergachev Pierre-Luc Dubois
11 Tyson Jost Olli Juolevi Charlie McAvoy Charlie McAvoy
12 Clayton Keller Logan Brown Jakob Chychrun Luke Kunin
13 Max Jones Jake Bean Clayton Keller Alex DeBrincat
14 Logan Brown Dante Fabbro Logan Stanley Dante Fabbro
15 Julien Gauthier Jakob Chychrun Dante Fabbro Mikhail Sergachev
16 Jake Bean Kieffer Bellows Michael McLeod Tyson Jost
17 Dante Fabbro Charlie McAvoy Jake Bean German Rubtsov
18 Charlie McAvoy Michael McLeod Luke Kunin Wade Allison
19 Logan Stanley Pascal Labarge Max Jones Logan Brown
20 Kieffer Bellows Max Jones Kieffer Bellows Kieffer Bellows
21 Luke Kunin German Rubtsov Julien Gauthier Jake Bean
22 Riley Tufte Riley Tufte Riley Tufte Tyler Benson
23 German Rubtsov William Bitten German Rubtsov Vitaly Abramov
24 Alex DeBrincat Brett Howden Alex DeBrincat Riley Tufte
25 Cliff Pu Vitalii Abramov Pascal Laberge Jonathan Dahlen
26 Brett Howden Julien Gauthier Rasmus Asplund Julien Gauthier
27 Pascal Laberge Alex DeBrincat Kale Clague William Bitten
28 Markus Niemelainen Jonathan Dahlen Tage Thompson Trent Frederic
29 Vitalii Abramov Wade Allison Filip Gustavsson Sam Steel
30 Nathan Bastian Adam Fox Sam Steel Max Jones

2016 NHL Draft Prospect Rankings
  Corey Pronman ESPN
May 12th
NHL Central
Scouting International
Apr. 12th
NHL Central
Scouting Intl.
Apr. 12th
1 Patrik Laine Pierre-Luc Dubois Auston Matthews  
2 Auston Matthews Matthew Tkachuk Patrik Laine  
3 Jesse Puljujarvi Alexander Nylander Jesse Puljujarvi  
4 Clayton Keller Jakob Chychrun Rasmus Asplund  
5 Pierre-Luc Dubois Olli Juolevi German Rubtsov  
6 Matthew Tkachuk Charles McAvoy Carl Grundstrom  
7 Alexander Nylander Logan Brown Yegor Korshkov  
8 Olli Juolevi Mikhail Sergachev Filip Hronek  
9 Tyson Jost Clayton Keller Henrik Borgstrom  
10 Dante Fabbro Kieffer Bellows Linus Lindstrom  
11 Jakob Chychrun Luke Kunin Jonathan Dahlen  
12 Logan Brown Julien Gauthier Jacob Moverare  
13 German Rubtsov Michael Mcleod Otto Makinen  
14 Kieffer Bellows Max Jones Artur Kayumov  
15 Alexander DeBrincat Jake Bean Lucas Carlsson  
16 Luke Kunin Tyson Jost Jacob Cederholm  
17 Mikhail Sergachyov Riley Tufte Jesper Bratt  
18 Tyler Benson Dante Fabbro Oskar Steen  
19 Jake Bean Logan Stanley Eetu Tuulola  
20 Michael McLeod Tage Thompson Janne Kuokkanen  
21 Vitaly Abramov Alexander Debrincat Aapeli Rasanen  
22 Kale Clague Brett Howden Kasper Bjorkqvist  
23 Samuel Girard Dennis Cholowski Igor Shvyrev  
24 Julien Gauthier Tyler Benson Andrei Svetlakov  
25 Rasmus Asplund Boris Katchouk Oleg Sosunov  
26 Charles McAvoy Lucas Johansen Mathias From  
27 Dmitri Sokolov Kale Clague Joona Koppanen  
28 Carl Grundstrom Pascal Laberge Otto Koivula  
29 Sam Steel Vitaly Abramov Daniel Kurovsky  
30 Max Jones Sam Steel Ondrej Najman