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2014 NHL Draft Prospect Rankings

Throughout the year we will continue to update our 2014 NHL draft prospect rankings page. Bringing you draft rankings from some of the best scouting services out there.

We've updated our list from newest to oldest.

We'll be adding to our list as the draft gets closer. Due to page space, we can't obviously list every rankings list out there, but we'll bring you some of the best.

2014 NHL Draft Prospect Rankings
RK Bob McKenzie TSN
June 23th
Christopher Ralph
THW - The Next Ones

June 21st
Ryan Kennedy THN
June 20th
Eldon MacDonald
THW - War Room

June. 15th
1 Aaron Ekblad Aaron Ekblad Aaron Ekblad Aaron Ekblad
2 Sam Reinhart Sam Reinhart Sam Bennett Sam Reinhart
3 Sam Bennett Samuel Bennett Leon Draisaitl Samuel Bennett
4 Leon Draisaitl Nikolaj Ehlers Sam Reinhart Leon Draisaitl
5 Michael Dal Colle William Nylander Michael Dal Colle Michael Dal Colle
6 Nick Ritchie Leon Draisaitl Willie Nylander Jake Virtanen
7 Jake Virtanen Michael Dal Colle Nick Ritchie Nick Ritchie
8 Haydn Fleury Jake Virtanen Nikolaj Ehlers Nikolaj Ehlers
9 William Nylander Nick Ritchie Haydn Fleury Willam Nylander
10 Nikolaj Ehlers Haydn Fleury Kasperi Kapanen Haydn Fleury
11 Kasperi Kapanen Brendan Perlini Brendan Perlini Kevin Fiala
12 Dylan Larkin Robert Fabbri Jake Virtanen Brendan Perlini
13 Brendan Perlini Kevin Fiala Jared McCann Joshua Ho Sang
14 Robby Fabbri Nikita Scherbak Alex Tuch Nikita Scherbak
15 Kevin Fiala Conner Bleackley Dylan Larkin Travis Sanheim
16 Jared McCann Sonny Milano Jakub Vrana Ivan Barbashev
17 Alex Tuch Jakub Vrána Ivan Barbashev Alex Tuch
18 Sonny Milano Ivan Barbashev Julius Honka Dylan Larkin
19 Jakub Vrana Dylan Larkin Kevin Fiala Sonny Milano
20 Julius Honka Jared McCann Conner Bleackley David Pastr?ák
21 Nikita Scherbak Kasperi Kapanen Roland McKeown Kasperi Kapanen
22 David Pastrnak Joshua Ho Sang David Pastrnak Jared McCann
23 Ivan Barbashev Julius Honka Robby Fabbri Adrian Kempe
24 Travis Sanheim Travis Sanheim Jack Dougherty Julius Honka
25 Roland McKeown Adrian Kempe Adrian Kempe Jakub Vrána
26 Nick Schmaltz David Pastr?ák Sonny Milano Roland McKeown
27 Thatcher Demko Roland McKeown Thatcher Demko Thatcher Demko
28 Adrian Kempe Eric Cornel Travis Sanheim Nikolay Goldobin
29 Conner Bleackley Brayden Point Marcus Pettersson Robert Fabbri
30 Josh Ho-Sang Nikolay Goldobin Nick Schmaltz Conner Bleackley

2014 NHL Draft Prospect Rankings
RK Hockey Prospect
June 6th
Brendan Ross
Dobber Prospects

June 4th
June 3rd
Craig Button TSN
June 3rd
1 Sam Bennett Aaron Ekblad Sam Reinhart Sam Reinhart
2 Sam Reinhart Sam Reinhart Aaron Ekblad Aaron Ekblad
3 Aaron Ekblad Sam Bennett Michael Dal Colle Sam Bennett
4 Nikolaj Ehlers Leon Draisaitl Sam Bennett Leon Draisaitl
5 Nicholas Ritchie Nick Ritchie William Nylander Michael Dal Colle
6 Leon Draisaitl Michael Dal Colle Leon Draisaitl Nikolaj Ehlers
7 Michael Dal Colle William Nylander Jake Virtanen Haydn Fleury
8 William Nylander Nikolaj Ehlers Robby Fabbri Travis Sanheim
9 Dylan Larkin Haydn Fleury Brendan Perlini William Nylander
10 Haydn Fleury Jake Virtanen Nicholas Ritchie Adrian Kempe
11 Alex Tuch Robby Fabbri Nikolaj Ehlers Brendan Perlini
12 Sonny Milano Brendan Perlini Haydn Fleury Vlad Kamenev
13 Ivan Barbashev Kasperi Kapanen Kasperi Kapanen Kasperi Kapanen
14 Nikita Scherbak Kevin Fiala Alex Tuch Ivan Barbashev
15 Kevin Fiala Dylan Larkin Dylan Larkin Anthony DeAngelo
16 Travis Sanheim Nikita Scherbak Sonny Milano Nick Ritchie
17 David Pastrnak Jared McCann Jared McCann Brayden Point
18 Jake Virtanen Alex Tuch Joshua Ho-Sang Julius Honka
19 Kasperi Kapanen Julius Honka Ivan Barbashev Jared McCann
20 Brendan Perlini David Pastrnak Kevin Fiala Sonny Milano
21 Adrian Kempe Sonny Milano Jakub Vrana Dylan Larkin
22 Conner Bleackley Nikolay Goldobin Adrian Kempe Kevin Fiala
23 Julius Honka Ivan Barbashev Roland McKeown Jakub Vrana
24 Robby Fabbri Jakub Vrana Nick Schmaltz Nick Schmaltz
25 Jared McCann Tony DeAngelo Ryan MacInnis David Pastrnak
26 Brendan Lemieux Adrian Kempe Conner Bleackley Alex Nedeljkovic
27 Jack Dougherty Josh Ho-Sang Nikita Scherbak Josh Jacobs
28 Nick Schmaltz Thatcher Demko Nikolay Goldobin Robert Fabbri
29 Nikolay Goldobin Conner Bleackley Vladislav Kamenev Marcus Pettersson
30 Jakub Vrana Roland McKeown Travis Sanheim Connor Bleackley

2014 NHL Draft Prospect Rankings
RK Future Considerations
June 1st
Corey Pronman ESPN
May. 15th
McKeen's Hockey
1 Aaron Ekblad Aaron Ekblad Sam Bennett Sam Reinhart
2 Sam Reinhart Sam Bennett Aaron Ekblad Sam Bennett
3 Sam Bennett William Nylander Sam Reinhart Aaron Ekblad
4 William Nylander Sam Reinhart Leon Draisaitl Leon Draisaitl
5 Leon Draisaitl Nikolaj Ehlers Michael Dal Colle Michael Dal Colle
6 Michael Dal Colle Kevin Fiala William Nylander Nikolaj Ehlers
7 Nick Ritchie Leon Draisaitl Nikolaj Ehlers Jake Virtanen
8 Nikolaj Ehlers Michael Dal Colle Haydn Fleury William Nylander
9 Haydn Fleury Kasperi Kapanen Nick Ritchie Nick Ritchie
10 Jake Virtanen Haydn Fleury Kasperi Kapanen Haydn Fleury
11 Brendan Perlini Jake Virtanen Jake Virtanen Kevin Fiala
12 Jared McCann Sonny Milano Brendan Perlini Jared McCann
13 Kevin Fiala Jakub Vrana Kevin Fiala Brendan Perlini
14 Dylan Larkin Brendan Perlini Dylan Larkin Dylan Larkin
15 Robby Fabbri Robby Fabbri Jared McCann Travis Sanheim
16 Ivan Barbashev David Pastrnak Julius Honka Nikita Scherbak
17 Sonny Milano Ivan Barbashev Alex Tuch Robby Fabbri
18 David Pastrnak Nick Ritchie Nikita Scherbak Kasperi Kapanen
19 Alex Tuch Jared McCann Jakob Vrana Alex Tuch
20 Josh Ho-Sang Josh Ho-Sang Robby Fabbri Julius Honka
21 Conner Bleackley Alex Tuch Travis Sanheim Jakub Vrana
22 Thatcher Demko Adrian Kempe Ivan Barbashev Jack Dougherty
23 Nikolay Goldobin Roland McKeown David Pastrnak Ivan Barbashev
24 Jack Dougherty Nikita Scherbak Sonny Milano Thatcher Demko
25 Jakub Vrana Brayden Point Jack Dougherty David Pastrnak
26 Kasperi Kapanen Dylan Larkin Roland Mckeown Adrian Kempe
27 Adrian Kempe Connor Bleackley Josh Ho Sang Sonny Milano
28 Roland McKeown Nikolai Goldobin Thatcher Demko Dominik Masin
29 Anthony DeAngelo Julius Honka Adrian Kempe Eric Cornel
30 Eric Cornel Nick Schmaltz Conner Bleackley Nick Schmaltz

2014 NHL Draft Prospect Rankings
RK Central Scouting NA Skaters
Apr. 8th
Central Scouting Euro Skaters
Apr. 8th
1 Samuel Bennett Kasperi Kapanen    
2 Aaron Ekblad William Nylander    
3 Sam Reinhart Kevin Fiala    
4 Leon Draisaitl Jakub Vrana    
5 Michael Dal Colle David Pastrnak    
6 Jake Virtanen Adrian Kempe    
7 Nicholas Ritchie Markus Pettersson    
8 Brendan Perlini Ondrej Kase    
9 Haydn Fleury Sebastian Aho    
10 Jared McCann Dominik Masin    
11 Julius Honka Anton Karlsson    
12 Alex Tuch Emil Johansson    
13 Nikolaj Ehlers Vladislav Kamenev    
14 Anthony DeAngelo Juho Lammikko    
15 Nikita Scherbak Adam Ollas Mattsson    
16 Sonny Milano Lawrence Pilut    
17 Dylan Larkin Vladislav Gavrikov    
18 Ivan Barbashev William Lagesson    
19 Nick Schmaltz Julius Bergman    
20 Ryan MacInnis Lucas Wallmark    
21 Robert Fabbri Pavel Jenys    
22 Joshua Ho-Sang Nikita Cherepanov    
23 John Quenneville Oskar Lindblom    
24 Nikolay Goldobin Leon Bristedt    
25 Eric Cornel Gustav Forsling    
26 Brycen Martin Andrei Kuzmenko    
27 Roland McKeown Noah Rod    
28 Brendan Lemieux Artur Boltanov    
29 Reid Gardiner Andreas Soderberg    
30 Jack Dougherty Andreas Englund