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2018 NHL Draft Rankings

Here is our next installment updating the top 2018 NHL draft rankings from some of the best scouting services and media outlets out there.

Throughout the year we will continue to update our 2018 NHL draft rankings page

We've updated our list from newest to oldest.

We'll be adding to our list as the season progresses as other sites publish their lists.

2018 NHL Draft Prospect Rankings
  ISS Hockey
Feb. 7th
Peter Harling
Dobber Prospects

Feb. 3rd
Cory Pronman
The Athletic

Jan. 29th
Hockey Prospect
Jan. 25th
1 Rasmus Dahlin Rasmus Dahlin Rasmus Dahlin Rasmus Dahlin
2 Andrei Svechnikov Andrei Svechnikov Filip Zadina Andrei Svechnikov
3 Brady Tkachuk Filip Zadina Quinton Hughes Filip Zadina
4 Filip Zadina Brady Tkachuk Andrei Svechnikov Brady Tkachuk
5 Adam Boqvist Adam Boqvist Adam Boqvist Adam Boqvist
6 Evan Bouchard Evan Bouchard Ryan Merkley Joel Farabee
7 Oliver Wahlstrom Noah Dobson Oliver Wahlstrom Oliver Wahlstrom
8 Quinn Hughes Quinn Hughes Dominik Bokk Noah Dodson
9 Joe Veleno Oliver Wahlstrom Grigori Denisenko Quinn Hughes
10 Noah Dobson Joel Farabee Ryan McLeod Grigori Denisenko
11 Rasmus Kupari Ty Smith Joe Veleno Rasmus Kupari
12 Isac Lundestrom Ryan Merkley Jesperi Kotkanieni Ty Smith
13 Barrett Hayton Rasmus Kupari Ty Smith Mattias Samuelsson
14 Ty Smith Joe Veleno Barrett Hayton Isac Lundestrom
15 Joel Farabee Ryan McLeod Brady Tkachuk Evan Bouchard
16 Bode Wilde Bode Wilde Jacob Olofsson Jesperi Kotkaniemi
17 Jared McIssac Jesperi Kotkaniemi Calen Addison Bode Wilde
18 Grigori Denisenko Benoit-Olivier Groulx Joel Farabee Kā€™Andre Miller
19 Ryan McLeod Isac Lundestrom Rasmus Kupari Jared McIssac
20 Adam Samuelsson Dominik Bokk Bode Wilde Joe Veleno
21 Akil Thomas Martin Kaut Jonny Tychonick Dominik Bokk
22 Martin Kaut Calen Addison Jesse Ylonen Jacob Olofsson
23 Alexander Alexeyev Serron Noel Akil Thomas Martin Kaut
24 Noel Serron Grigori Denisenko Noah Dobson Calen Addison
25 Benoit-Olivier Groulx Jett Woo Isac Lundestrom Alexander Alexeeyev
26 Jonathan Tychonick Barrett Hayton Evan Bouchard Jonathan Tychonick
27 Jesperi Kotkaniemi Jacob Olofsson Blake McLaughlin Barrett Hayton
28 Jacob Bernard-Docker Jared McIssac Serron Noel Jett Woo
29 Adam Ginning Mattias Samuelsson Alexander Khovanov Serron Noel
30 Dominik Bokk Jonny Tychonick Filip Hallander Jay O'Brien
31 Jacob Olofsson Rasmus Sandin Allan McShane Vitali Kravtsov

2018 NHL Draft Prospect Rankings
  Ryan Kennedy
The Hockey News

Jan. 22nd
NHL Central
Scouting: NA

Jan. 22nd
NHL Central
Scouting: INTL

Jan. 22nd

Jan. 15th
1 Rasmus Dahlin Andrei Svechnikov Rasmus Dahlin Rasmus Dahlin
2 Andrei Svechnikov Filip Zadina Adam Boqvist Andrei Svechnikov
3 Brady Tkachuk Brady Tkachuk Isac Lundestrom Brady Tkachuk
4 Filip Zadina Quintin Hughes Grigori Denisenko Filip Zadina
5 Adam Boqvist Evan Bouchard Jacob Olofsson Adam Boqvist
6 Oliver Wahlstrom Barrett Hayton Rasmus Kupari Quinton Hughes
7 Quinton Hughes Oliver Wahlstrom Adam Ginning Ty Smith
8 Barrett Hayton Noah Dobson Dominik Bokk Oliver Wahlstrom
9 Evan Bouchard Serron Noel Jesperi Kotkaniemi Noah Dobson
10 Isac Lundestrom Akil Thomas Vitali Kravtsov Evan Bouchard
11 Joel Farabee Joel Farabee Martin Kaut Bode Wilde
12 Bode Wilde Jared Mcisaac Filip Hallander Joseph Veleno
13 Noah Dobson Joseph Veleno Jan Jenik Jared McIsaac
14 Rasmus Kupari Ty Smith Krystof Hrabik Isac Lundestrom
15 Ty Smith Rasmus Sandin Martin Fehervary Ryan McLeod
16 Ryan McLeod Ryan Mcleod Mikhail Bitsadze Joel Farabee
17 Benoit-Olivier Groulx Mattias Samuelsson Filip Johansson Jesperi Kotkanieni
18 Jett Woo Benoit-Olivier Groulx Jakub Lauko Ryan Merkley
19 Grigori Denisenko Patrick Giles Niklas Nordgren Rasmus Kupari
20 Joe Veleno Jett Woo Dmitri Semykin Jack McBain
21 Akil Thomas Ryan Merkley Albin Eriksson Grigori Denisenko
22 Jacob Olofsson Bode Wilde Axel Andersson Benoit-Olivier Groulx
23 Jared McIsaac Sampo Ranta David Gustafsson Jett Woo
24 Jesperi Kotkanieni Blade Jenkins Jonatan Berggren Alexander Khovanov
25 K'Andre Miller Blake Mclaughlin Danila Galenyuk K'Andre Miller
26 Ryan Merkley Alexander Alexeyev Oskar Back Akil Thomas
27 Martin Kaut Jachym Kondelik Ivan Morozov Barrett Hayton
28 Dominik Bokk Kody Clark Jesse Ylonen Jacob Olofsson
29 Serron Noel Jack Mcbain Demid Mansurov Jonny Tychonick
30 Vitali Kravtsov Kevin Bahl Pavel Shen Mattias Samuelsson
31 Jack McBain K'Andre Miller Lukas Wernblom Serron Noel

2018 NHL Draft Prospect Rankings
  Jeff Marek

Jan. 10th
Cam Robinson
Dobber Prospects

Jan. 9th
The Draft

Jan. 9th
Craig Button

Jan. 8th
1 Rasmus Dahlin Rasmus Dahlin Andrei Svechnikov Rasmus Dahlin
2 Andrei Svechnikov Filip Zadina Rasmus Dahlin Adam Boqvist
3 Filip Zadina Andrei Svechnikov Filip Zadina Brady Tkachuk
4 Brady Tkachuk Quinn Hughes Joe Veleno Andrei Svechnikov
5 Adam Boqvist Adam Boqvist Ty Smith Filip Zadina
6 Noah Dobson Brady Tkachuk Adam Boqvist Barrett Hayton
7 Rasmus Kupari Ty Smith Joel Farabee Quinn Hughes
8 Oliver Wahlstrom Oliver Wahlstrom Brady Tkachuk Bode Wilde
9 Bode Wilde Evan Bouchard Jesperi Kotkaniemi Oliver Wahlstrom
10 Evan Bouchard Noah Dobson Quinn Hughes Evan Bouchard
11 Barrett Hayton Isac Lundestrom Rasmus Kupari Noah Dobson
12 Joel Farabee Ryan Merkley Oliver Wahlstrom Ryan Merkley
13 Jared McIsaac Rasmus Kupari Akil Thomas Jacob Olofsson
14 Ty Smith Joel Farabee Bode Wilde Rasmus Kupari
15 Joe Veleno Dominik Bokk Ryan McLeod Joel Farabee
16 Quinton Hughes Barrett Hayton Noah Dobson Isac Lundestrom
17 Jett Woo Bode Wilde Barrett Hayton Rasmus Sandin
18 Grigori Denisenko Joe Veleno Jared MacIssac Jack McBain
19 Jesperi Kotkaniemi Jesperi Kotkaniemi Evan Bouchard Grigori Denisenko
20 Benoit-Olivier Groulx Grigori Denisenko Vitali Kravtsov Ty Smith
21 Isac Lundestrom Ryan McLeod Milos Roman Jared McIssac
22 Rasmus Sandin Jared McIssac Ty Dellandrea Filip Hallander
23 Jack McBain Akil Thomas Benoit-Olivier Groulx Akil Thomas
24 Alexander Khovanov Jett Woo K'andre Miller Serron Noel
25 Ryan McLeod Calen Addison Alexander Alexeeyev Joe Veleno
26 Serron Noel Benoit-Olivier Groulx Dmitry Zavgorodniy Jesperi Kotkaniemi
27 Ryan Merkley Jonny Tychonick Calen Addison Mattias Samuelsson
28 Jacob Olofsson Serron Noel Dominik Bokk Benoit-Olivier Groulx
29 Calen Addison Philipp Kurashev Jakub Skarek Albin Eriksson
30 Mattias Samuelsson Vitali Kravtsov Jacob Olofsson Adam Ginning
31 Akil Thomas Alexander Alexeeyev Grigori Denisenko Jett Woo

2018 NHL Draft Prospect Rankings

Jan. 7th

Dec. 8th
Oct. 31st
1 Rasmus Dahlin Rasmus Dahlin Rasmus Dahlin  
2 Filip Zadina Andrei Svechnikov Andrei Svechnikov  
3 Brady Tkachuk Filip Zadina Quinn Hughes  
4 Andrei Svechnikov Adam Boqvist Adam Boqvist  
5 Adam Boqvist Quinn Hughes Filip Zadina  
6 Quinn Hughes Brady Tkachuk Brady Tkachuk  
7 Rasmus Kupari Oliver Wahlstrom Joe Veleno  
8 Oliver Wahlstrom Ty Smith Ty Smith  
9 Ryan McLeod Jared McIssac Oliver Wahlstrom  
10 Evan Bouchard Ryan Merkley Rasmus Kupari  
11 Jesperi Kotkaniemi Akil Thomas Joel Farabee  
12 Jack McBain Joel Farabee Jack McBain  
13 Joel Farabee Joe Veleno Jared McIssac  
14 Joseph Veleno Noah Dobson Akil Thomas  
15 Bode Wilde Isac Lundestrom Ryan McLeod  
16 Ty Smith Rasmus Kupari Calen Addison  
17 Isac Lundestrom Ryan McLeod Bode Wilde  
18 Grigori Denisenko Barrett Hayton Jesperi Kotkaniemi  
19 Jared McIssac Serron Noel Jett Woo  
20 Noah Dobson Jett Woo Ryan Merkley  
21 Jett Woo Bode Wilde Mattias Samuelsson  
22 Barrett Hayton Jesperi Kotkaniemi Isac Lundestrom  
23 Dominik Bokk Jacob Olofsson Benoit-Olivier Groulx  
24 Alexander Alexeyev Benoit-Olivier Groulx Barrett Hayton  
25 Philipp Kurashev Jack McBain Grigori Denisenko  
26 Ryan Merkley Calen Addison Jacob Olofsson  
27 Akil Thomas K'Andre Miller Serron Noel  
28 Benoit-Olivier Groulx Evan Bouchard Evan Bouchard  
29 Jacob Olofsson Jonny Tychonick K'Andre Miller  
30 Jakob Lauko Grigori Denisenko Dmitri Zavgorodny  
31 Mattias Samuelsson Alexander Alexeyev Adam Ginning