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2017 NHL Draft Rankings

Throughout the year we will continue to update our 2017 NHL draft rankings page - bringing you NHL draft rankings from some of the best scouting services and media outlets out there.

We've updated our list from newest to oldest.

We'll be adding to our list as the season progresses and other sites publish their lists.

2017 NHL Draft Prospect Rankings
  ISS Hockey
Jan. 4th

Jan. 2nd

Dec. 25th

Dec. 14th
1 Nolan Patrick Nolan Patrick Nolan Patrick Nolan Patrick
2 Timothy Liljegren Timothy Liljegren Timothy Liljegren Casey Mittelstadt
3 Nico Hischier Casey Mittelstadt Martin Necas Nico Hischier
4 Gabe Vilardi Nico Hischier Nico Hischier Michael Rasmussen
5 Owen Tippett Gabriel Vilardi Eeli Tolvanen Elias Pettersson
6 Casey Mittelstadt Owen Tippett Elias Petterson Jusso Valimaki
7 Michael Rasmussen Eeli Tolvanen Owen Tippett Timothy Liljegren
8 Callan Foote Elias Pettersson Casey Mittelstadt Owen Tippett
9 Klim Kostin Nicolas Hague Lias Andersson Eeli Tolvanen
10 Eeli Tolvanen Lias Andersson Klim Kostin Kristian Vesalainen
11 Juuso Valimaki Maxime Comtois Gabe Vilardi Miro Heiskanen
12 Nicolas Hague Klim Kostin Kristian Vesalainen Nikita Popugaev
13 Cale Makar Juuso Valimaki Isaac Ratcliffe Gabriel Vilardi
14 Maxime Comtois Kailer Yamamoto Juuso Valimaki Martin Necas
15 Cody Glass Kristian Vesalainen Ryan Poehling Ryan Poehling
16 Ryan Poehling Miro Heiskanen Miro Heiskanen Lias Andersson
17 Nikita Popugaev Ryan Poehling Nikita Popugaev Cale Makar
18 Martin Necas Cale Makar Cal Foote Robert Thomas
19 Sasha Chmelevski Matthew Strome Michael Rasmussen Urho Vaakanainen
20 Stelio Mattheos Michael Rasmussen Nic Hague Cody Glass
21 Matthew Strome Nick Suzuki Maxime Comtois Maxime Comtois
22 Elias Pettersson Callan Foote Urho Vaakanainen Klim Kostin
23 Luke Martin Martin Necas Marcus Davidsson Matthew Strome
24 Urho Vaakanainen Marcus Davidsson Jake Oettinger Cal Foote
25 Shane Bowers Mike DiPietro Cale Makar Jesper Boqvist
26 Lias Andersson Scott Reedy Cody Glass Conor Timmins
27 Henri Jokiharju Urho Vaakanainen Nick Suzuki Shane Bowers
28 Kole Lind Erik Brannstrom Shane Bowers Grant Mismash
29 Kristian Vesalainen Isaac Ratcliffe Luke Martin Kole Lind
30 Alex Formenton Cody Glass Kailer Yamamoto Erik Brannstrom
31 Jaret Anderson-Dolan Sasha Chmelevski Robert Thomas  
    Robin Salo    

2017 NHL Draft Prospect Rankings
  Hockey Prospect
Dec. 10th
Jeff Marek

Dec. 7th
Dub Network
Dec. 1st
Craig Button

Nov. 30th
1 Nolan Patrick Nolan Patrick Timothy Liljegren Nolan Patrick
2 Nico Hischier Timothy Liljegren Nolan Patrick Timothy Liljegren
3 Elias Pettersson Nico Hischier Gabe Vilardi Eeli Tolvanen
4 Casey Mittelstadt Eeli Tolvanen Nico Hischier Gabe Vilardi
5 Gabe Vilardi Gabe Vilardi Klim Kostin Nico Hischier
6 Martin Necas Klim Kostin Casey Mittelstadt Martin Necas
7 Timothy Liljegren Casey Mittelstadt Elias Pettersson Nikita Popugaev
8 Eeli Tolvanen Kristian Vesalainen Michael Rasmussen Ryan Poehling
9 Klim Kostin Owen Tippett Kailer Yamamoto Lias Andersson
10 Cal Foote Michael Rasmussen Owen Tippett Casey Mittelstadt
11 Miro Heiskanen Jusso Valimaki Nic Hague Klim Kostin
12 Isaac Ratcliffe Maxime Comtois Lias Andersson Matthew Strome
13 Lias Andersson Urho Vaakanainen Eeli Tolvanen Shane Bowers
14 Urho Vaakanainen Erik Brannstrom Maxime Comtois Kailer Yamamoto
15 Nikita Popugaev Nicolas Hague Kristian Vesalainen Cody Glass
16 Maxime Comtois Kailer Yamamoto Cale Makar Michael Rasmussen
17 Shane Bowers Martin Necas Juuso Valimaki Owen Tippett
18 Kristian Vesalainen Elias Pettersson Jake Oettinger Elias Pettersson
19 Nicolas Hague Shane Bowers Callan Foote Miro Heiskanen
20 Owen Tippett Nikita Popugaev Ryan Poehling Nick Suzuki
21 Kailer Yamamoto Ryan Poehling Scott Reedy U-P Luukkonen
22 Ryan Poehling Callan Foote Marcus Davidsson Kristian Vesalainen
23 Jusso Valimaki Lias Andersson Nikita Popugaev Maxime Comtois
24 Michael Rasmussen Miro Heiskanen Martin Necas Cal Foote
25 Matthew Strome Cody Glass Urho Vaakanainen Noel Hoefenmayer
26 Marcus Davidsson Nick Suzuki Erik Brannstrom Grant Mismash
27 Cody Glass Robin Salo Cody Glass Marcus Davidsson
28 Cale Makar Matthew Strome Luke Martin Nate Schnarr
29 Nate Schnarr Antoine Morand Matthew Strome Cale Makar
30 Nick Suzuki Marcus Davidsson Sasha Chmelevski Nicolas Hague
31 Pierre-Olivier Joseph Jake Oettinger Shane Bowers Jusso Valimaki
32     Nikita Popugayev Shane Bowers

2017 NHL Draft Prospect Rankings
  The Draft

Oct. 31st
Corey Pronman

Oct. 13th
Bob McKenzie

Sept. 22nd
1 Nolan Patrick Nolan Patrick Nolan Patrick  
2 Casey Mittelstadt Eeli Tolvanen Timothy Liljegren  
3 Eeli Tolvanen Klim Kostin Klim Kostin  
4 Timothy Liljegren Timothy Liljegren Maxime Comtois  
5 Kristian Vesalainen Nico Hischier Eeli Tolvanen  
6 Klim Kostin Maxime Comtois Gabe Vilardi  
7 Nico Hischier Gabe Vilardi Kristian Vesalainen  
8 Jusso Valimaki Kristian Vesalainen Owen Tippett  
9 Urho Vaakanainen Callan Foote Callan Foote  
10 Gabe Vilardi Martin Necas Lias Andersson  
11 Lias Andersson Owen Tippett Casey Mittelstadt  
12 Owen Tippett Casey Mittelstadt Martin Necas  
13 Elias Pettersson Miro Heiskanen Michael Rasmussen  
14 Maxime Comtois Lias Andersson Nic Hague  
15 Martin Necas Kailer Yamamoto Ryan Poehling  
16 Miro Heiskanen Ryan Poehling    
17 Antoine Morand Michael Rasmussen    
18 Erik Brannstrom Ivan Lodnia    
19 Dmitri Samorukov Nick Suzuki    
20 Samuel Bucek Nic Hague    
21 Henry Jokiharju Matthew Strome    
22 Callan Foote Erik Brannstrom    
23 Nicolas Hague Markus Phillips    
24 Kailer Yamamoto Henri Jokiharju    
25 Marcus Davidsson Alexander Chmelevski    
26 Michael Rasmussen Juuso Valimaki    
27 Ian Mitchell Adam ruzicka    
28 Ryan Poehling Shane Bowers    
29 Sasha Chmelevski Marcus Davidsson    
30 Scott Reedy Urho Vaakaneinen    
31 Nikita Popugaev Grant Mismash    
32 Shane Bowers Aleksi Heponiemi