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Ivan Demidov Profile

Ivan Demidov
Ht/Wt: 5'11"/168 lbs
Position: RW
Team: SKA (MHL)

Ivan Demidov's Player Profile

Scott Wheeler - The Athletic - August 14th: "Hes on the older side as a December 2005, and hes got work to do to get stronger and smooth out his straight-line skating stride (hes really shifty side to side, but could use an extra gear pulling away), but hes a play-creation monster and you want the puck in his hands so that he can slither his way around the ice to make things happen for himself or his linemates."

Peter Baracchini - The Hockey Writers - July 20th: "When you watch Demidov play, youre absolutely amazed and drawn into the high-end, elite level pace of play and skill that he possesses. Hes extremely deceptive and creative with his movements displaying great control of the puck, pulling off moves at break neck speed and fooling goaltenders and defenders."

Jason Bukala - Sportsnet - July 6th: "He beats opponents off the half-wall with ease and walks to the middle of the net or to the crease. Hes also quick and fast in open ice and in transition. Demidovs element is offence. The rest of his game will need to evolve before he arrives in the NHL."

Corey Pronman - The Athletic - July 5th: "Hes a dynamo with the puck, displaying truly elite skill to go with excellent playmaking ability. Hes so creative and elusive and creates scoring chances seemingly every shift. He combines great puck play with a very strong motor."

Steven Ellis - Daily Faceoff - July 3rd: "Whoever drafts Demidov wont have to wait as long as Philly will for Michkov. Demidov plays for the same SKA St. Petersburg team and has a deal until 2025, so just one year after getting drafted."

Chris Peters - Flo Hockey - June 30th: "Hell get more KHL reps next season which will challenge him, but Demidov takes pucks to the middle, can dangle defenders and can fire pucks at the net. Well see what the world looks like next year at this time, but the uncertainty around Russians did not stop NHL teams from taking those players early."

Ivan Demidov's Stats

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