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Gleb Trikozov Profile

Gleb Trikozov
Ht/Wt: 6' 1"/185 lbs
Position: C/RW
Team: Omskie (VHL)

Gleb Trikozov's Player Profile

Peter Harling - NHL Rumors - June 27th: "Smart, physical two-way player with a heavy shot. Dominated the MHL with 45 points in 35 games but had a small draft year sample size. Good upside, but a long-term prospect, and the Russian factor is at play here."

Jeff Svoboda - NHL.com - June 27: "Speed and skill are the names of the game for Trikozov, as a fluid skating style and excellent wrist shot allowed him to post excellent numbers at the junior level. There's still some development to be had but the raw tools are there. "

Hadi Kalakeche - Dobber Prospects - June 18th: "Heís the type to always look for an opportunity for a prime scoring chance rather than playing the long game. Defensively and effort-wise, Trikozov showed some impressive flashes in the VHL but the lack of consistency could cost him, especially in MHL viewings."

Scott Wheeler - The Athletic - June 6th: "Heís a very entertaining player who threatens with his skill and maneuverability off the rush, often creating good looks for himself or his linemates out of a quick dash immediately after entry. "

Corey Pronman - The Athletic - May 31: "Trikozovís vision and shot make him a threat from the perimeter and an asset on the power play. His skating is just OK and his game in general can lack pace. I waver on his compete."

Chris Peters - Daily Faceoff - June 10th: "Thereís no question he has the offensive ability to produce. My concern is in his skating and willingness to compete for his offense."

Gleb Trikozov's Stats

Gleb Trikozov Videos

Gleb Trikozov #8 | 3 Games | (21/22) | 2022 NHL Draft

2022 NHL Draft Profile: Gleb Trikozov

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