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Zach Dean Profile

Zach Dean
Ht/Wt: 6' 0"/176 lbs
Position: C
Team: Gatineau (QMJHL)

Zach Dean's Player Profile

Adam Kimelman - NHL.com - July 12th: "Dean (6-0, 176) is a great skater, and his speed and elusiveness allow him to beat defensemen wide on the rush."

Mike Morreale - NHL.com - July 12th: "Dean sustained a broken wrist prior to the season but recovered to have a solid season. He's a high-end skater with a great wrist shot and solid two-way game."

Josh Bell of FC Hockey - July 8th: "Dean is an extremely creative, playmaking center that displays excellent vision. Heís one of the best passers in the class and can hold his own defensively as well."

Andy Lehoux of FC Hockey - July 8th: "An incredibly fun, flashy and talented attacker, Dean showcased amazing creativity, slick puck skills and high-end playmaking abilities."

Brayden Olafson - Dobber Prospects - July 7th: "Zach Dean is a speedy and tenacious attacker, but also plays with a significant amount of refinement and reliability to his game. There are few players outside of the top-tier who are able to collect bad pucks, or identify seams in their opponents defense with the level of efficiency that he does.†"

Scott Wheeler - The Atheletic - June 22nd: "He works his tail off, heís always applying pressure without the puck defensively, heís always in motion with or without the puck offensively, he plays on the inside of the ice, and he can be trusted in all situations."

Steve Kournianos - The Draft Analyst - May 24th: "Slippery, quick, and skilled are just three of the many traits inherent in Deanís overall game, and he can play with a edge to boot."

Sam Cosentino - Sportsnet - May 12th: "Thereís not a scout Iíve talked to who doesnít love the way Dean approaches the game. Skill evaluation will determine how high up the draft board he goes."

Mike G. Morreale - NHL.com - Apr. 23rd: "The 18-year-old is a high-end skater with a great two-way game."

Brayden Olafson - Dobber Prospects - Mar. 8: "Dean is an energetic forward who can succeed in the role of puck hound as well as setup-man. His blend of off-puck anticipation as well as technical skills that enable reptile-like puck retrieval makes him the type of player whose likelihood of projecting to an impactful two-way player, quite likely."

Tony Ferrari - Dobber Prospects - Feb. 22nd: "Zach Dean has been up-and-down this year but when heís on he looks like a first-rounder. When heís off, I donít know what to think."

Zach Dean's Stats

Zach Dean Videos

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