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Logan Stankoven Profile

Logan Stankoven
Ht/Wt: 5' 8"/170 lbs
Position: C/W
Team: Kamloops (WHL)

Logan Stankoven's Player Profile

Hockey Prospecting - July 8th: "Thereís nearly nothing to go on for Stankoven because he played so little in his draft year but thereís still some information we can use. Stankoven, born in late February, is an average aged prospect verging into the older category."

Josh Bell of FC Hockey - July 8th: "Heís a force on the ice with the ability to get into dangerous areas. Gaining confidence with the puck will be key for him moving forward."

Curtis Schwartzkopf of FC Hockey - July 8th: "Plays the game with a lot of intensity regardless of his small stature, and has perfected how to leverage his body against larger opponents."

Jacob Barker - Dobber Prospects - July 7th: "He possesses an NHL caliber shot but is patient in the offensive zone where he looks for the best possible chance for his team. His work ethic is matched by few, as he is consistently the first forward back in the defensive zone to break up plays."

Scott Wheeler - The Atheletic - June 22nd: "From the top of the faceoff circles in, Stankovenís a threatening creator who can crack a game open in a split second and who is even more dangerous the closer he gets to the hashmarks"

Steve Kournianos - The Draft Analyst - May 24th: "Stankoven boasts a quick release and bullet for a shot, plus soft hands to quickly settle the puck onto his blade."

Sam Cosentino - Sportsnet - May 12th: "In perpetual motion, another smaller (5-foot-8, 170 pounds), energetic type who works well in-tight. Size will concern some."

Nick Richard - Dobber Prospects - Mar. 8: "Stankoven is an undersized forward that plays a fast-paced, buzzsaw style of hockey. He is a deadly shooter with a quick, heavy release that he can let go from multiple points in his shooting motion and generates good power on his one-timer as well."

Tony Ferrari - Dobber Prospects - Feb. 22nd: "He attacks each play like itís a playoff game and rarely lacks for effort. He is undersized and thatís undeniable but he shows a solid effort at both ends of the ice and although he isnít the most refined player in his own end, he shows some good tendencies."

Logan Stankoven's Stats

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