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Kent Johnson Profile

Kent Johnson
Ht/Wt: 6' 1"/167 lbs
Position: C
Team: U. of Michigan (NCAA)

Kent Johnson's Player Profile

Adam Kimelman - NHL.com - July 12th: "A high-end playmaker with great vision and some flair to his game. He's elusive carrying the puck and has elite vision and passing skills."

Mike Morreale - NHL.com - July 12th: "Johnson (6-1, 167), a left-handed shot, led first-time NHL Draft-eligible NCAA players in assists, points, and points per game (1.04)."

Hockey Prospecting - July 8th: "Kent Johnson is a bit of an odd case. Johnson is billed as a highly creative offensive talent (one of the highest offensive skill sets in the draft) who isnít terrific defensively. Thereís some question marks about Johnson but the consensus is heíll get by with his offensive talent."

Josh Bell of FC Hockey - July 8th: "Johnson is arguably the strongest puckhandler in this class, an intriguing offensive threat. Heís extremely creative, light on his feet, and has great vision."

Curtis Schwartzkopf of FC Hockey - July 8th: "The puck skills he has in combination with his agility make Johnson an offensive threat every time he is on the ice."

Nick Richard - Dobber Prospects - July 7th: "He is one of the most creative offensive talents in the draft, terrorizing opposing defenders with elite puck handling skills and vision but can sometimes rely on his skill too much, causing him to force low-percentage plays."

Scott Wheeler - The Atheletic - June 22nd: "His hands also flow effortlessly with his feet ó he does an incredible job adjusting at high speeds to cut or leap past pressure ó helping him make plays in transition or pull defenders into him."

Ryan Kenneday - The Hockey News - June 11th: "Johnson has awesome puck skills and offensive hockey sense. He finished second in team scoring and on a loaded Michigan team, that says something about his future."

Steve Kournianos - The Draft Analyst - May 24th: "Although heís gotten the most attention for his dangles, lacrosse goals, and spin-o-ramas, Johnson displays a strong effort of the puck and can do the heavy lifting during offensive-zone possessions."

Sam Cosentino - Sportsnet - May 12th: "May be the best-in-class when it comes to creativity and elusiveness with the puck on his stick."

Mike G. Morreale - NHL.com - Apr. 23rd: "An offensive sniper who plays with pace, skill and creativity, Johnson thrived at left wing this season. The 18-year-old led first-time NHL Draft-eligible NCAA players with 18 assists and 27 points in 26 games."

Clare McManus - Dobber Prospects - Mar. 8: "He is a shifty electrifying center who thinks the game at a high level. Johnson is usually always one of the most consistent players on the ice, showing off his flashy hands and playmaking abilities."

Tony Ferrari - Dobber Prospects - Feb. 22nd: "His passing can be otherworldly at times but he can also leave a lot to de desired when he looks off a clear pass. His shot is okay but he lacks pop on it. All this to say, the highlights donít tell the full story."

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